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Getting Around Berlin

The Berlin Transportation Authority provides public bus transportation for all areas around the city including the borough of Mitte. Automatic ticket machines may be located throughout the bus station and are extremely affordable. Berlin bus routes are assigned color zones for easy-to-use directions. Americans should be aware that unlike buses in the United States, when boarding a bus in Berlin you enter from the front however, when leaving the bus you only exit from the rear. Passengers push a button located next to their seat, which notifies the driver to stop. Bus transportation runs throughout the day and turns over to evening bus routes after dark. This bus system runs daily operating year round.

The Berlin Underground Railroad system is referred to as the Metro/Underground and is available for all areas of Berlin as well as the borough of Mitte. The trains are very affordable and run regularly throughout the day operating year round. Tickets are available for purchase at any Metro terminal. The railroad terminals also provide a color-coded zone map of all train routes.

Germany runs thirteen Trams throughout the city of Berlin including the borough of Mitte, which are extremely economical and reliable. With over 700 stops throughout the routes, passengers will arrive at their desired location. Tickets are available for purchase at all Tram stations throughout the city. Trams run throughout the day and operate year round.

The city of Berlin's car rental system is extremely efficient as well as affordable and popular. EuropCar Berlin is one of the largest rental car operations throughout Germany as well as 14 stations in Berlin and the borough of Mitte. EuropCar stations are easily recognizable by color-coded signs found throughout the city. An easy way to locate a EuropCar station is to look near other transportation hubs. Where there is another form of transportation available there will be a EuropCar station. Customers may choose economy, family, eco-friendly, as well as van and truck rentals. EuropCar offers many rental packages including daily and longer-duration packages. Reservations may be scheduled by phone, on-line or in person.

Berlin is home to many taxicab companies totaling over 7,000 automobiles servicing all areas of the city. Taxicab fares will be higher than public transportation, however, the worry of navigation and driving is left to the cab driver. Berlin's taxicabs service 24 hours a day and operate year round.

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